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A convenient public transportation system is often a big motivator for people to travel from one city to another and brings about ease of lifestyle. A good public transportation system indicates accessibility and, the ease of reaching cities or destinations. In other words, it is gauging, how easy it is for people to get to work. Factors like, service frequency are also considered in judging the overall rating of a mode of transport. In fact, living near public transportation has several benefits too. There are benefits like saving travel time distance from transit stop to destination), convenience, less of fatigue etc.

Following is an insight into the Top cities of the U.S.A, in terms of public transport.

The New York region is by far most dependent on its public transport. The city and its suburbs represent about one-quarter of the nation’s public transportation sector. Bronxville Village, N.Y. sports a train station that takes its commuters on a 15 mile trip to south, Grand Central Terminal. Around 41.3% of working population, use the public transport.

Next on the list is San Francisco. Both New York and San Francisco are dense cities with good transit systems, and are rated as one of the best American cities to commute without a car.

New Jersey, is thrid in the list, with its rail rapid transit system, linking New Jersey to Manhattan and to Newark.

In Guttenberg, N.J, residents take the transit buses or Waterway ferries to Manhattan. The Husdon-Bergen Light rail adds to several other options of public transport for commuters convenience.

The Washington D.0 metro and metro bus serve’s the capital well and has the highest public transport use rate. It is also the busiest rail system in the country. Los Angeles has also made a place in the top 10 cities even though it has a notorious traffic. Philadelphia offers a variety of modes of transport starting from bus to rail, to trolleys to subway lines. the city is walkable too, bringing in more comfort for the commuters.

Boston’s Green Line is the home to the oldest subway tunnel, and it is also rated as the third most walkable city of the country.

Infrastructure of the city too plays a role in making the public transport successful. Atlanta, for example, has a heavy rail system when compared to new York etc, but as the job centres are not well concentrated, the use and accessibility suffers.

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