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Most people do not use public transport because it is deemed to be unsafe, time consuming and even stressing. With all the people pushing you around and stepping on your toes while passing to get off and on the bus and/or train! You may feel harassed and disheveled when you are ready to alight the bus. Public transport, does have its good side. Here are a few of them:

  1. You get to meet new people

We all want to make new friends and acquaintances, don’t we? Ever thought that you could meet your future spouse, business partner, employer or employee in the bus or train? Well, maybe it’s time you considered taking the bus next time you want to get somewhere. You never know, the person sitting or standing next to you may just be who you are looking for.

  1. You can finish the book you started reading but never really get time to

Sometimes it may take about one hour or more to get to your destination, you can read through that book which you started two weeks ago and are almost finished but you never really get the time to read.

  1. Public transport is convenient

lts really difficult to get parking at malls and office blocks sometimes! There is never really sufficient space to park your car conveniently. Mostly, you are forced to circle around even three times before you spot the next available parking space. Public transport gives you an opportunity to forgo looking for parking space. You are also helping to reduce greenhouse gas emission. Your good deed for the day!

  1. Public transport is affordable

You save more money because you pay less for the ticket than you do fueling your car.

  1. You do not have to be stressed about traffic hold upslt is quite annoying, tiring and time consuming to be held up in a traffic snarl up. You cannot leave your car and walk when in traffic. Using public transport will save you the hustle of maneuvering through traffic and annoying bad drivers. Its the bus driver’s job to worry about traffic snarl up. If you use the train, even better, no traffic hold ups most of the time. Unless of course there is something wrong with the train itself or the railway track. 6. You can sight see during your journey. One can notice things or places they could not have seen if they were driving themselves. A newly opened coffee shop or restaurant, a gift shop or even the new statue that was put up by the county government.

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